Everything you need to do in Harrisonburg before you graduate

Who would consider leaving without one last Kline’s trip?

Graduation is imminent and so, it seems, is saying goodbye to our favorite home-away-from-home that we have all grown to love so much. Here’s a list of everything you should do one last time before saying goodbye.

One last drag show at Dodger

If you haven’t been to a drag show at The Artful Dodger, you really don’t know what you’re missing. They happen, I think, the first Saturday of each month and they’re delightful. It’s quite entertaining, plus there’s a lot of booze and dancing involved. You don’t want to miss your last chance to party down with these ladies.

One last $3 Sticky Nuggs night

Thursday at Billy Jack’s is a magical time. You do not want to miss out on the opportunity for one last order of Sticky Nuggs before you leave, and what better way to celebrate the official end of exams on Thursday than with getting Sticky Nuggs for the low low price of $3.

One last Kline’s trip

You can’t say goodbye to Harrisonburg without a trip to Kline’s! The flavors for this upcoming week (aka the week leading up to graduation) are brownie batter at the South Main location and peanut butter cookies & cream at the Downtown location. What better way to celebrate your accomplishments?

One last Burger Night at Cap Ale

There’s only one thing worse than Mondays and that’s the Monday of exam week; why not make it loads better with $3 burgers and an amazing beer selection? You do not want to miss out on your last opportunity to enjoy cheap Cap Ale before moving away.

One last slice of Benny’s Pizza

Benny’s pizza is a must in Harrisonburg. You know you’d hate yourself if you left without indulging in one last ginormous slice.

One last beer from a Harrisonburg Brewery

….or a flight; who’s counting? Celebrate your hard work in earning your degree with one last taste of Harrisonburg beer.

One last Harrisonburg brunch

Brunch is a favorite in Harrisonburg; treat your family to the taste of Harrisonburg with brunch. Don’t forget $2 mimosas at Dodger both Saturday and Sunday!

One last (or first) Fatté Lemonade from Starbucks

This JMU original drink is a must for your last week here. Don’t miss your chance, this drink is only offered at the Starbucks on JMU’s campus.

 One last trip to Greenberry’s

This iconic Harrisonburg coffee shop is so close to campus you could get your caffeine fix on the way to graduation. You don’t want to miss out on this Harrisonburg-only coffee shop one last time before you leave.

One last trip to the arboretum

The arboretum is one of JMU’s hidden gems. Located by East Campus, the arboretum is close and wonderful place to relax. There’s also lots of trails leading to quiet benches where you can study or read.

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