Stop what you’re doing so we can tell you how to get $2 Cook Out Trays tomorrow only

That $2 is including the delivery fee

You may have already noticed the table that’s been outside Keezell with tons of Krispy Kreme donuts and a bright orange sign, but in case you didn’t talk to them, they’re there to spark interest in the newest app at JMU: JoyRun.

JoyRun is basically the lovechild of Grubhub and Facebook, and it’s the app we never knew we needed. Here’s how it works: say you’re in your apartment, pulling an all-nighter to study for that mid-term you totally forgot was next week. You’re starving, but can’t spare a minute to leave for food. You don’t want pizza again, but not a whole lot delivers. In comes JoyRun. You request a run for whatever your craving, let’s say Taco Bell, and wait for someone to take the bid and they’ll deliver it right to you.

The other, equally awesome, side of this app is that it’s super easy to be a driver. Just click that little button at the top, “start a run” and pick a delivery fee up to $5. You’re all set to make that extra beer money or just cover your own meal. It’s basically a win win for everyone.

So now to the good stuff of how you can get a piece of that Cook Out Tray action. All you have to do is download the app, invite five friends and order a Cook Out Tray for dinner. As long as it’s between 4pm and midnight on Wednesday, that slightly less than half-priced tray will be delivered to your door. How awesome is that? Now all you have to worry about is what tray you’re going to choose. Enjoy, Dukes!

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