Parking is without a doubt the worst thing about JMU

RT if you’ve been personally victimized by JMU parking

It certainly seems as if JMU students’ biggest struggle is parking. If you get to school after 10:30 in the morning, you can pretty much expect to park at Walmart because all the lots are full. Beyond that, the signs indicating the rules of each lot have such tiny print that by the time you’re able to read “commuter and resident,” someone else took the last spot. It’s a nightmare. Here’s why.

There are never any commuter spaces

With the brand new parking garage, students were expecting parking to be a less stressful experience, but then they took away the Grace Street Parking Deck. It’s funny that they turned Grace Street into faculty and staff parking only when the faculty and staff spots in Forbes are LITERALLY never full.

People creepily stalk you for a parking spot

Just about any time between 11am and two in the afternoon, you can find someone idling in a handicap parking space, waiting for someone to come into the garage that they can slowly hover behind all the way to their car.

Having a fifteen to twenty minute walk to class

After 15 minutes of searching for a parking spot and ending up parking two blocks down the street, you’re definitely going to be late to class with your long hike back to main campus. You better hope you don’t get caught by the train.

It’s somehow the most stressful thing about being a student here

When you’re already stressed about grades, exams and papers, the last thing you need to worry about is not being able to find a parking spot when you’re trying to get to the library for last-minute studying.

Literally every Duke knows it’s the worst

Parking on campus is a nightmare, being made worse by construction every year, but isn’t it nice to be able to say our biggest complaint about JMU is something as trivial as parking?

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