MyMadison is the absolute worst

Security so tight no one can get into your account… including you

Because JMU is so fantastic, we have the luxury of complaining about the few things that aren’t… like JMU my madison. In the epitome of “first-world problems,” MyMadison has become the bane of Dukes’ existences, especially this year. All the shortcomings of MyMadison, though, really make you see the silver linings when it actually does work.

System failure multiple times makes you really appreciate the home screen

And then promptly piss you off again once you realize you can’t remember if what you were looking for was under “Student” or “Academics”.

It’s super fun to sort through all those emails with one-time passwords

And finding the correct code for logging in is the most awesome puzzle game ever! At least they’re serious about your security.

You get to meet your prospective professors ahead of time when class enrollment causes the system to crash

It’s good to go ahead and label yourself as a teacher’s pet to your upcoming professors, especially when it’s due to your kissing major butt trying to get into a full class because you couldn’t log in at your already late enrollment appointment.

It’s really special how dedicated JMU is to our online security

I’d hate to have my account hacked, I really would and I appreciate the lengths to which JMU goes to keep that from happening. But doesn’t changing our passwords so frequently seem a bit excessive? At this point, I struggle to get into my account. That being said, I have little to no doubt that anyone with malicious intent would have an equally difficult time (this is not an invitation or challenge – please don’t hack my account now).

The multiple reminders to change your password, yet again, are helpful and a delight when they wake you up

Again, I appreciate the reminder, but a month in advance is a bit excessive. Plus, why always at four in the morning? Does it have to be four in the morning? I had to turn the sound off on my email notifications.

In all serious, JMU is great and it’s because there is so little to complain about that we can complain about the small problems of MyMadison. But you have to admit, it can be pretty annoying outside of the (few) times it’s actually useful.

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