Everything you’ll inevitably experience during Syllabus Week at JMU

Welcome back, Dukes

Its a new year, a new semester and a new start. While there are things we will try to leave in 2016, one thing holds true: the first week of every new semester has its fair share of awkward moments every JMU student faces at some point.

Readjusting to new schedules 

10am is too early. If you have an 8am, godspeed.

Having class with someone you thought you didn’t plan on seeing again

New year, who dis?

Walking into the wrong classroom while class is still going on

Not the kind of attention you’ve been looking for.

Trying to remember your MyMadison password. Actually, trying to navigate MyMadison

I think I speak for everyone when I say MyMadison is awful. It’s annoying, complicated and glitchy. And the new method of logging in does not help its reputation.

Taking the wrong bus and ending up at the mall, or even worse, the Overlook

Double check the JMU Bus App. Having this happen to you could not be more irritating.

Awkwardly trying to make new friends 

We’ve all been there.

Trying to decide if you should acknowledge “friends” from last semester’s classes

And it’s even better when you don’t remember which class they were from… or their name…

And then being stuck walking with them somewhere, barely able to hold the conversation

Pro-tip: Say you gotta use the restroom. Or even better, just say you have to leave because let’s be real, you’ve got better things to do.

Seeing Tinder matches made over break and trying to decide if you should acknowledge them or not

In D-Hub, in the bookstore, in one of the libraries – nowhere is safe.

Getting lost in an unfamiliar building, especially Memorial

Room numbers and stairs mean nothing in Memorial. You are on your own.

The collective “we don’t have our textbook yet”

 Need I say more? Which brings me to…

The Bookstore and all it’s glory

And asking where a book is, when it turns out your professor never submitted any book requests. Or maybe that’s just me.

When your professor asks you to pair up with someone, but there’s an odd number of people and you are the odd one out

This could apply to the whole semester, but it’s especially awkward when you haven’t met anyone yet.

Trying to figure out how you’ll fit in your social life, academics, sleep, meals, fitness, leisure time, and even more sleep into your probably wretched schedule

Let’s be real, you can only pick two.

And lastly, realizing you’ll have to make a 107% in every class to get that GPA you want

When the going gets tough, the tough get going. Or the tears start coming. One or the other.

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