Meet the girl who’s been sitting outside of Wilson for 24 hours

‘People are scared and that’s not okay’

On Wednesday, November 9, the day after Trump was elected President, Paige, an English MA student,¬†took to the steps in front of Wilson Hall to stay for a full 24-hour period, holding up her sign. We joined her on the steps today to find out about what she’s hoping to accomplish.


“People are scared and that’s not okay,” she said. “There’s a community here that doesn’t want this. Just by holding this sign here, I’ve drawn them out. So many people have come to talk to me about it.”

In doing this, Paige hopes to join the community of JMU together in support of those who are afraid for the future of our country. She will leave her post at 1 pm today at the completion of the 24-hour period.

James Madison University