JMU ranked fifth most beautiful college campus

Things we’re not surprised about: this

Thrillist Travel named JMU fifth on the list of “Most Beautiful Public College Campuses in America” yesterday and no one’s surprised.

Besides being surrounded by the breathtakingly beautiful Shenandoah Valley, JMU, itself, is a gorgeous campus.

A subpar view at best...

“It’s like someone dropped Hogwarts in the Shenandoah Valley,” the article rightfully claimed.

JMU was the one of three Virginia colleges named – UVA and William & Mary also made the cut. No Duke is surprised, however, that JMU beat out the other two in the rankings seeing as none of us can get enough of the beautiful views.

Way back when JMU was founded as an all-girls school in 1908, the campus only consisted of six stone buildings like the ones you find in the quad. By the early 2000s, JMU became the campus we know and love today, growing around the interstate to East Campus. Throughout the years and all the development, JMU has never lost its beauty.


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