Last minute Valentine’s Day gifts on a budget

When cutting it close is an understatement

Maybe your paycheck didn’t come until today and now your left with only a day to get a present or maybe you just didn’t have someone to get it for until now. Or maybe you forgot that birthday or anniversary was even coming up. Whatever your reason, The Tab has you covered! Here’s some great, easily gettable gift ideas that will make your significant other feel special and never know you waited until last minuted!

Framed Pictures

You can get decent picture frames at the Dollar Tree for only a dollar, but Walmart, Ross, Dollar General, and Target all have cute picture frames that are relatively cheap. You can print 4×6 photos for $0.29 at Walmart and they even have select phone cords there (mostly the different iPhone cords) so you can print directly from your phone. This personal gift is inexpensive and loved by all!

Movie Night In

Snapchat-4767992417242491137The Dollar Tree has tons of candy, sodas, occasionally popcorn, chips, etc. and Walmart has movies for $5 and under. If you want a longer night, they even have collections of like four or five movies for around $5. Or you could always spend all that money on junk food and just go for the classic Netflix and chill

Warm Weather Kit

Snapchat-6040935947096720820With chilly temperatures ahead, what better idea than a special kit to keep cozy and warm. You could include hot chocolate mix, a blanket, gloves, a scarf, a hat, fuzzy socks, hot hands, maybe even Campbell’s Soup-in-Hand.

Book Lover’s Kit

Snapchat-5573667776002815997Mercy House, Goodwill and Downtown Books (in the parking garage downtown) all offer books for less than a dollar. If your significant other is a book worm, snag them one or two of these, a pack of color-them-yourself bookmarks from target (they have cats, under the sea, and more), a pillow pet, and maybe a book light (I know Walmart has a good one for $4). Hot chocolate, tea or coffee would probably be appreciated as well.

Writer’s Kit

Snapchat-5387030649270540821If your significant other enjoys writing, you could put together a kit including a nice pack of pens and a nice journal or two. Whiteout is also appreciated, especially if they’re a pen user.

Hot Sauce Lover’s Kit

If your significant other is in love with hot sauce, put them together a hot sauce kit. Make a trip to the grocery store and pick up all sorts of varieties.

Bath Lover’s Kit

Snapchat-9170404984031143177If your significant other is fond of long bubble baths, put them together a bath basket! The Dollar Tree has some really wonderful bubble bath or, if your budget is a little higher, Bath and Body Works in the mall has amazing bubble bath. Bath and Body Works, Walmart and even the Dollar Tree all have great smelling candles that pair nicely with a long bubble bath. You can also get delicious wine from Walmart for $3. My favorites are the White Zinfandel and the White Moscato; Gallo Family also makes a delicious Red Moscato I recommend that’s inexpensive. Put all this in an adorable basket that could be found at the Dollar Tree, Walmart, Hobby Lobby or Michael’s and you have a winner!

Video Gamer’s Kit

Snapchat-3514852186379159380Monster Games, Game Stop and 8 Bit all offer deals regularly on used games. If you know your significant other’s taste in video games, you could get one or two, some beer or other preferred beverage, and some candy.

I hope this helps in your journey for the perfect gift or saves you a little stress next time! Happy shopping!

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