Moonies added a second bar and we’re freaking out

This is not a drill

Since the early days of its opening, the Moonshadow Tavern has long been a staple to the Ithaca College community. Within its walls, jackets have been lost, fake IDs have been turned away and a copious amounts of popcorn have been eaten.

There are a few things to be expected when you walk into Moonies on a Saturday night: beer spilled on you, a crowded dance floor, and absolutely no feasible way to get to the bar to order your vodka soda.

That's all about to change with the addition of a second bar in the back. That's right. A second bar.

Does this mean twice as many drinks? Twice as many bartenders? Twice as many jager bombs? I'm just trying to work out the math here.

The bar did post on Instagram that they were looking to hire. Email [email protected] if you're interested, but only if you're generous with your liquor-chaser ratio. Oh, and I guess if you're a "hard-working, good person with a nice personality."

If you are a hard-working, good person with a nice personality and would like to work at Moonies, please email us @ [email protected]

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Moonies has yet to announce when the second bar will be available, but when it does open, all I can say is that I'm praying for our lives.

Photo credit: Moonie's FB page

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