Ithaca Barstool posted a meme mocking sexual assault

The Instagram was captioned #RapeScandals

On October 3rd —AKA Mean Girl's Day— the Barstool Ithaca Instagram account posted a meme poking fun at sexual assault at Hobart College just days before the football game against Ithaca College.

The meme in question comes from a scene in the cartoon show "South Park" when PC Principal collects "consent forms" from high school students who had sex the night before.

The Barstool meme says, "Hey Hobart, Consent Forms? BRO!" captioned, "Keep an eye out for this beat on South Aurora this weekend #RapeScandals #ConsentFormsBro."

A screenshot of the meme was posted on Twitter met with outrage

The Tab reached out to IC senior Riley Ludwig who runs the @barstoolithaca account for a comment on the controversial post.

She said the meme wasn't posted by her, but by someone who had access to the account. Initially, she approved the graphic without knowing the text that would go with it.

"Once I learned that the meme was a reference to a sexual assault situation at Hobart a few years ago, I deleted the post immediately," Ludwig said.

The sexual assault incident Ludwig is referring to occurred in September of 2014 when a female student at Hobart and William Smith Colleges was raped by several men.

"While Barstool is known for pushing the boundaries with its content, this is not the type of content I want the account to comment on," Ludwig said.

The post has since been deleted.

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