Ithaca is one of the colleges that smokes the most weed in America

We’re number two

Princeton Review rankings for this year are in, revealing Ithaca College is high in rankings for smoking the most weed in America.

The study placed Ithaca at second¬†for “reefer madness” (their words), coming in just behind chilled out University of Vermont at the top.

IC placed above CU-Boulder, which also is ranked in the top five for marijuana use. Bard came in third and Eckerd College in Florida was fourth.

Unlike states like Vermont and Colorado which are a little more lax on usage, New York State is a bit firmer on its stance. However, with local smoke shops easily accessible around town and small possession on a first offense punished by a small fine at IC, the high placement in these rankings is not unexpected.

Ithaca College