The stoners in Ithaca have hot boxed the entire campus and we couldn’t be more proud

…or is it just fog?

It’s no secret that Ithaca College students love to blaze it. After being ranked the number one school by The Princeton Review for “Reefer Madness”, the Ithacans were not going to let this 4/20 celebration go by unnoticed.

Reports of a heavy fog were seen across the entire campus and documented on numerous students’ Snapchat stories. The most common explanation for this mysterious fog is that the town of Ithaca has been hotboxed by all of the participants celebrating this holiday. Although these claims have not yet been proven, IC’s 4/20 activists are convinced.

One student entrepreneur has even dedicated their time today to bake and deliver cookies to those who have been celebrating the national holiday.


Not all heroes wear capes. Happy 4/20 y’all.

Ithaca College