We sent Harry Potter pick up lines to boys on Tinder and it was charming

‘I know we’re not in Professor Flitwick’s class, but you still are charming’

Pick up lines are the ultimate introduction on Tinder, they either make it or break it. But we got tired of boys asking us if we were beavers cause “dam,” so we decided to take matters into our own hands and try a new spell.

Not only would we send guys pick up lines first, but we decided to align them with our favorite movie series, Harry Potter.

You’ll be charmed by all the magic that went down on tinder in just a few days. These boys knew how to play all along.

I’m about as basic as Fred Weasley’s Basic Blaze Box

My number’s 4 Privet Drive, call me.

Get yourself a boy who gets hype over Hagrid.

He must be on his way to becoming a Charms Master

Did he get his wand at Ollivanders?

For all you literature lovers

Maybe he’s in Ravenclaw?

Clearly he’s a muggle.

If I had a Time-Turner I would not message him again!

I wonder if he can handle the Whomping Willow

Thanks for the offer, but I have some chocolate frogs with my name on them for this weekend.

I bet he’s a prefect.

Ithaca College