How to survive Valentine’s Day when you’re in a long distance relationship

Someone pass the Barefoot before I cry

Congratulations, you’ve finally gotten yourself a significant other. You’re no longer alone, and love is definitely in the air this February 14th. But there’s just one catch… you can’t be with them on the one day a year having a boyfriend really matters.

You’re abroad, or they’re abroad, or you two just live to damn far away from each other. What good is a boyfriend if you can’t post a super cute V-day Instagram with him to make all of your single friends jealous? (And by him I mean the chocolates, flowers and stuffed animals he gets me)

If you’re like me, you’re way too far away from your BF or GF to celebrate Valentine’s Day the right way. But, with a few tips and tricks you can celebrate the day of love like you’re not hundreds of miles apart.

Have a candle lit dinner … over Facetime

Let’s take a moment and thank the gods for FaceTime. We can now see the faces of our loved ones from across the world, all just by clicking a button. Make a nice meal, put on a good outfit (or sweatpants) and call your SO on Valentine’s Day to go on a virtual date.

Two happy pups

Send each other gifts

Food is always a good option to send to your true love, even if it’s not on Valentine’s Day. Google search for a pizzeria that sells a heart shaped pizza to really get them in the V-day mood.

Reminisce by looking through old pictures

What’s better than looking back at your first ever picture together and remembering why you fell in love with them in the first place? Even if this is a new relationship, looking at pictures of you and your flame could remind you why you keep them around.

Tell your friends again and again how much you love your SO… and again

They might get sick of it but who cares! You love your person and you’re not afraid to show it. Celebrate them, and your love, by telling every detail of your last conversation about dogs to your roommate. They’ll love it.

Tag each other in funny memes/videos

You probably do this daily anyway, but it’ll mean so much more after you tag them in 20 different golden retriever videos in a row on V-day.

Drink lots and lots of wine

And I mean lots. What else cures loneliness better than a bottle of Barefoot or a bag of Franzia?

Instagram what they send you

If you’re fortunate enough to have your SO send you a Valentine’s Day gift, share share share!

Go out with your friends

Sad about being alone on your day? Go to a bar with your single friends, or your friends who also have significant others too far away to be with. Not interested in going out? Stay in, watch a movie and drown your sorrows with some Chinese take out and your favorite rom com. You’ll thank me later.

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