How to be a happy, single potato on Valentine’s Day

Potatoes are loved by many, don’t forget it

It’s that bloody holiday again, where couples express how much they love each other more than the couple sitting next to them. If you’re reading this than you’re probably a single potato like me.

In reference to a meme, the use of potato is a term endearment – it refers to how a person comparing themselves to their pretty friends describe themselves to be a potato. Yes, I consider myself to be a potato but if you think about it everyone likes potatoes – they are delicious and lovable.

So even if you’re single ready to mingle or not ready for that kind of business, being a single potato in Ithaca isn’t so bad

Here’s a list of what to do when you’re single and alone on Valentine’s Day this year.

“Don’t be sad be glad!”

If you’re upset about being alone on Valentine’s, remember that you don’t have to spend loads of money on someone. Instead, use that money you would use on them to buy yourself some ice cream because we know that fixes everything.

The inside of Green Street Pharmacy looks like an old ice cream parlor.

Treat Yourself

After you get yourself ice cream why not buy yourself a new outfit? Treat yourself to a new outfit. Who says you need a guy to dress up

My favorite store Urban Outfitters. Besides look at the cute dress in the widow!

Bake Some Treats with your gals

Bake a bash of cookies for that sweet tooth and bash all the bad dates you’ve been on. Or you can bash about those annoying couples who post back to back photos on Valentine’s.

Girl’s Night Out

What’s better than going out with your friends when you’re single. Go to a bar and have your friends be your ‘wing gal’

It’s never fun drinking alone!

A movie date for one!

“Hi, yes sir I’d like to get a ticket for one.” Go see a movie whether its with a friend or yourself!

You’re not 50 shades of cray for going by yourself.

Scary Movie Marathon

Celebrate the day of love by watching horror movie. “My Bloody Valentine” seems quite ironic doesn’t it?

Get a Manicure

Whether you decided to pay to get one or get your friends to do cool designs on each other, its always a great way to have fun.

Snap those nails in Z formation girl.

Stay in and read a book

Read you favorite book and sip on a glass of wine while you stay in for the night.

I got myself a date with some wine and Mr. Potter

A Spa at Home

Give yourself a nice, relaxing spa in your bathtub and enjoy some soothing music to take away all your stress from school and this holiday.


Get FREE wings at Hooters

Yes, you read that right. Hooters is offering free wings when you bring a photo of your ex to shred. Sounds like the perfect kind of night to me.


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