‘Ban ignorance not immigrants’: The IC community spoke against Trump’s immigration ban

‘We must look around in our own homes and communities and help stop the bigotry we see’

On February 10th, the IC community gathered outside of campus center for the IC Anti-immigration ban rally to demonstrate against Trump’s immigration ban. People shared poems, personal stories and songs to resonate the challenges immigrants face in this country.

The organizers of this event, Clare Nowalk and Lillian Rushing allowed people from the crowd to share their personal stories of being treated poorly because of their race. One student said this isn’t an issue that just started, but has been around for a long time.

We gathered some of the best signs that students held to stand in solidarity with those affected by the immigration ban.

Students gather for the anti-immigration ban rally

“No Human is ILLEGAL”

“Ban ignorance not immigrants.”

“How can a HUMAN be illegal?”

Group of students showing their support of immigrants in the U.S.

"We the people have no fear"


Ithaca College