We asked Ithaca College if you get free tuition if you get hit by a campus bus

Let’s put this rumor to bed once and for all

You may have heard some myths from your fellow Ithacans that “if you get hit by the TCAT, they’ll pay for your tuition”.

Whether these were meant to be jokes or nonsensical superstitions heard through the grapevine, we decided to check the facts before someone did something stupid.

We asked the Office of Media Relations if these myths were something to look out for and their answer was short and sweet.

After probably having a “wtf” moment, Dan Vedrosa, Communications and Media Relations Specialist┬áconfirmed that if you get hit by a bus, you will not have your tuition paid for.

There we are.

We should probably start thinking of alternative back-up plans if we ever become so broke from paying $58,000/year.

Ithaca College