Every reason why the ICC straight up sucks and is a reckless waste of Ithaca students fees

As told by current Ithaca College students

Every student at Ithaca College has to pick a “theme” to guide them through their experience at Ithaca College. AKA, Tom Rochon wanted to actually make a “difference” at IC by creating a stupid ass system for classes. (No wonder they haven’t named a building after him!).

The Integrated Core Curriculum (ICC), has six themes: Identities, Inquiry, Imagination and Innovation (Triple I), Power and Justice, Mind Body Spirit, The Quest for a Sustainable Future and A World of Systems.

In other words, “we want you to stay for the whole four years by taking Gen-ed classes and put you in massive debt.”

Getting on classes is impossible. You’d have a better chance at selling your kidney on the black market than getting a class you need.  To graduate everyone has to complete a Creative Arts, Natural Science, Social Science, Humanities, Diversity and Seminar class that matches their theme.

At Ithaca, registering for classes is like The Hunger Games. While one theme may have multiple Creative Arts classes, another theme may only have 3-5 classes for the entire school. Meaning half the school is wasting their money, time, and even stalling their graduation.

My freshman fall semester was a pain in the ass because I didn’t know what I was doing and neither did the damn advisors. I wasted my whole freshman year on classes that didn’t fulfill a requirement and that my parents ended up paying for, which is complete bullshit if you ask me.

I went to both my freshman advisor and the Advising Center and got two different sets of information regarding my themed classes. If the advisors don’t understand how to work the ICC system, it shouldn’t even exist!  Students are behind in credits because they could not take the classes they need.

Here are some reasons why the ICC straight up sucks ass from other Ithaca College students:

ICC is… 

Megan Borghi:

Screw the ICC! The whole ICC theme thing is hard to navigate and there are not a lot of options for certain requirements. We are basically forced to pay for some oddly specific and irrelevant courses that are not at all related to our major. My Natural Science credit, for example, only had three courses you could take, and it was always full.

ICC is…

Tori Sciara:

Instead of having a theme and classes that go along with that theme, I should be able to select the classes that I want to take, classes that actually interest me. Then the students can identify and write about how the class corresponds to their theme. Which means you can cater to your own wants and needs as a student and express what your theme means to you. And I also went to upload my class material for Taskstream and it was way too hard, I’m sorry, but what the fuck?

ICC is…

Sara Belcher:

I just don’t understand the point of it! How is it helping me? What am I supposed to gain from this? What does my Identities perspective do? I don’t know what to put in the E-portfolio (Taskstream) because I don’t know what I’m supposed to be getting out of this!

In conclusion, ICC is…

Ithaca College