Every post from the IC Police Log Twitter account that you NEED to see

Someone called the police about driving ‘under the influence’ of VAPING

The Iowa City Police get some interesting phone calls throughout the week, and thankfully someone made a Twitter account that highlights every single one. For your entertainment, we put together a list of our absolute favorite calls the people of Iowa City have made to our local law enforcement.

Calling all "KOOKS"

What asshole called this mans out? If the right to bear sticks is non-existent in Iowa City, I need to move.

When you're so drunk you think 911 doubles as a phonebook

"Hello? 911? Hi yes I met this girl at the bar y'all got her phone number?"

Kum and Go, you suck

Chad in Sigma Apple Pie is probably regretting trying to scoop a Four Loko before that darty right about now. We don't hate you, Kum and Go, but Chad does.

Roommate feuds have reached their peak

The only thing that could make this any better would be if she arranged the furniture by the dumpster exactly like how her room used to look. This roommate deserves an award for being petty. Who hurt you, boo?

Condiment water, finally a new drink at the Airliner

I was present in Airliner when this call was made, and I can confirm that this man asked for hot water, mustard and ketchup. He then proceeded to add the ingredients to his water and TAKE A DRINK.

A few hours later, the door guys found him hiding upstairs. However, this situation is only funny because this guy didn't successfully stay hidden :/

Soo…every freshman girl ever?

"911? This is an emergency, it's 15 degrees outside and these girls really need a sweater."

Alright, who called the cops on me as I was walking to class

It's 9 a.m. on a Monday, let this poor possum live his life. You're lucky I even showed up to class.


Either this happened on someones mom's weekend, or this guy was really pissed that he had to wait twenty minutes for a vodka RedBull.

Imagine waking up to the police at the door at 3 a.m. about a dog barking and you don't even have a dog

Okay but can we get an update on the wellbeing of this poor dog.

Iowa: the capital of meth addiction

Either this guy is rolling face and hallucinating like crazy, or he forgot that all you have to do to get rid of bed bugs is basically burn everything you own.

Since when is scoring a free bunny a reason to call 911?

Susan, you have maxed out your good deeds for the day. Just enjoy your new pet bunny for a night and take him back in the morning.

Someone PLEASE put this monster in a psych ward

"Sorry Professor, I didn't finish my homework because my roommate thinks the paleo diet literally means going back to prehistoric times."

Takes one hit of the JUUL—instant DUI

This is either the greatest prank call of all time, or the common sense of IC residents has officially reached rock bottom.

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