These students used the Pentacrest hill for a night of snowboarding

Why go to a ski resort when we have the perfect hill right here on campus

"I had been trying to get a group together to snowboard on the Pentacrest," Seth Clark, a sophomore at the University of Iowa and member of the Iowa Ski and Snowboard Club, told me. "But nobody thought it would be steep enough."

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Despite no one wanting to join, Seth decided that he was going to check out the hill for himself. He figured it would be fine for snowboarding, and it seems that other students had the same thought as well.

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Pictured: Ryan Quayat

When Seth arrived at the back of the Old Capital building, he encountered a group of other students already there and smoothing out a path in the snow. He asked the group if they were going to be there for a while, and when they said yes, he went home to grab his snowboard and camera.

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Pictured: Carl Rodrigues

Seth and the others picked a spot where they could build a snow ramp for jumps and tricks. When the snowboarding kicked off, Seth began taking pictures.

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Pictured: Justin Morrison

As the night went on, Seth said more and more people came out to join them. "By the end of the night we had a good ten to twelve people that all became friends," he said.

The group decided to meet up again another night, and instead of making just another ramp in the snow, they decided to take things up a notch.

"[We] shoveled a snow path from the top of the Old Capitol steps all the way across the walkway, ending in a jump off the balcony with a cushion for landing below," Seth told me.

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Pictured: Garrett Culligan

After those two nights, the group all decided that they would regularly meet up and ski around campus together. Keep any eye out for these snowboard fanatics taking on some of your favorite spots on campus!

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