All the best study spots on campus to get you through finals

Everything from the classic Main Lib to the cool new residence halls

Finals week is upon us, and whether you've been studying for weeks in advance or just plan on cramming the night before, we all need a good spot to study.

We put together a list of all the best spots on campus to drown yourself in studying until winter break kicks off.

Main Library

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Don't be fooled – these people are not happy about studying

The Main Library is where most people tend to end up studying for finals. Of course, that is because it has many floors. You can choose to study on the bottom floor – probably where you can hear the sounds of people crying about studying for their finals the loudest, or any of the upper floors – which tend to be a little quieter.

There are also tons of private study rooms that you can rent out online that are great for group studying, or if you just want a quiet area by yourself!

Don't forget that the floors in the Main Lib get quieter the farther up you go, so if the first and second are two busy, don't be afraid to venture upstairs!

Art Building West

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For all you nature people out there

Art Building West is by far one of the most beautiful places on campus to study. As long as you aren't afraid of heights, this overhang is the perfect place to study for finals!

The only downside this location might have is if you tend to get distracted by taking aesthetic pictures for your VSCO, you may forget to actually study.

Adler Journalism Building

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Don't look at this picture if you're afraid of heights

Adler Journalism Building is the ultimate comfy study spot, as it has a lot of comfortable arm chairs and foot rests. It also has tables perfect for group studying or spreading out all your study guides and notes, and a wall full of TVs if you need to take a break.

Another nice thing about this building is that it has a resource center with computers on the third floor, just in case your laptop dies and you forgot your charger at home!

Seamans Center

Brand new building = brand new furniture!

The Seamans Center is still a relatively new building, which makes it a great place to study! It has plenty of tables and chairs for you to sit and study at, as well as lots of room for group study sessions!

If it's nice out, you can sit outside and soak up the sun while you study for finals! Keep that in mind for next semester.

Pappajohn Business Building

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The building with the coolest architecture

Pappajohn Business Building is one of the better places to study because of all the room it has.

Aside from the abundance of tables and places to sit, the building even have cornered off rooms where you and your friends can go study in private. These areas fill up fast, so try to grab one early in the day!

Iowa Memorial Union

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Try not to look at the floors for too long, they can give you a headache!

The IMU basement is one of my favorite places to study because of the UNLIMITED amount of food! During finals week, there's always free food somewhere in the IMU, along with the all the food available daily at Union Station and Union Market.

This way, while you study for 24 hours straight, you'll never go hungry at the IMU!

Any residence hall

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Really cool circular booths at Peterson

If you're a freshman or sophomore who live in the dorms, I'm sure you've already taken advantage of the study spaces that are in your residence halls. But even if you don't live in the dorms, there are some that will let you in to use the study spaces even if you aren't a resident!

Peterson, Catlett, Hillcrest and Burge all have food stations where you can buy snacks while studying, and Peterson has tons of great seating!

As you can see, there are endless places on campus that are good for studying. Now is the perfect time to take advantage of some them in getting ready for finals!

And from all of us here at The Tab, we wish you luck! Try not to pull too many all nighters.

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