UI Dance Club releases amazing new music video

The story behind the music video inspired by a performance from ‘So You Think You Can Dance’

The University of Iowa Dance Club shook up the dance world with a recently released music video featuring more than 50 of their members. Dance Club captains choroegraphed the video, which features six different styles of dance that the club offers, to the song "Happy" by C2C.

Jazz Captain Katie Baca says in June of last summer she came across a music video made by contestants of the most recent season of So You Think You Can Dance and shared it with the other Dance Club captains.

"We make a video montage of our classes every spring as a promo video, but we’ve never made any type of recruitment video or performance video before," Katie said. "I never doubted for a second that we could pull something like this off."

Katie was the one who discovered the perfect song for Dance Club's music video, "Happy" by C2C.

"When I came across "Happy" I knew that was the one. It had a lot of different sections and styles within the song that would help us integrate all of the styles of dance that we wanted to showcase."

When it came to planning the video, Katie admits she drew out a diagram of the pentacrest and wrote down every count of the song to divide up the parts.

"I listened to that song on repeat for probably a month straight just picturing the video in my head. At the gym? "Happy" by C2C. In the Car? "Happy" by C2C. That song was my summer."

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At the end of July, Katie met up on the Pentacrest with Dayna Huor, the Diamond Cut dance team's hip-hop captain, to discuss the video concept and plan choreography.

"I knew if this video was ever going to get done, Dayna Huor was going to be the person to help make it happen," Katie said.

Each of the movements in the video were choreographed by the captains of Dance Club's many styles of dance, including hip-hop by Dayna Huor, tap by Natalie Betz, jazz by Katie Baca, lyrical by Paige Nelson, swing by Arianna Chronis and POM by Amby Corder and Kaylen Luttenegger.

Katie and Dayna collaborated to choroeograph the final movement where every member of Dance Club dances together in front of the Pentacrest.

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Dance Club performed the full dance for the first time on stage at SHOUT! during Homecoming Week, and by the middle of October, the club was ready to shoot their music video with videographer Ben Poss.

On a Saturday in late October, Dance Club met on the Pentacrest bright and early at 8 a.m. and wasn't finished filming each of the five movements unti noon, four hours straight of dancing and filming.

"The original idea was to have the majority of the video done in one take, but I grossly underestimated the size of the Pentacrest," Katie says recalling the difficulties shooting.

"No one expected filming to take so long, but we all knew it was going to end up great."

Dance Club's music video ended up being more than just great. It was one of the biggest collbaorative performances Dance Club had ever worked on, and every ounce of effort proved to be worth it. Their music video became an amazing portrayal of all the fun and memories that can be made as a member of this student organization.

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If Dance Club's music video has you interested in joining, you're in luck! They're still accepting new members to join for the Spring 2018 semester.

For more information, you can contact Dance Club through Facebook page, University of Iowa Dance Club, or via email [email protected]

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