Breaking: Airliner is NOT serving $1 slices today

Iowa City has declared a state of emergency

It’s a sad day in Iowa City, Hawkeyes. The rumors are true. The Airliner Bar, home of the ever famous $1 Pizza Slice Sunday, is not serving slices for the first time in history.

Come enjoy the weather with a $1 slice of our world famous pizza! Summer is almost over enjoy it while you can!!!

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The reason for all the commotion is a broken dough machine, Airliner’s general manager Patrick McBreen has confirmed.

Never fear, this is not a permanent solution to the broken dough machine dilemma.

"The machine will be fixed this week, so come back next Sunday because we will be serving up slices again." says McBreen.

To make up for the inconvenience, Airliner is offering burgers for $4.99, the usual Thursday special, for the rest of the night.

All of our specialty burgers are only $4.99 all day! Happy Hour $2 wells and domestics from 4 to 6 and $4 big beers and wells starting at 8!

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