‘The floor didn’t stop shaking for an hour’: When Vic Mensa performed for free at Union last night

Think you’ve seen Union at its craziest? Think again

Thursday night I got a text from a friend asking me to go to Union on Friday: Vic Mensa was doing a free pop-up concert at the bar. Assuming it was just a clever ploy to get me to go to Union, I did a little digging and found a Facebook event for it. Even so, it didn't seem real until we got into a line that strung from the front doors all the way to Yotopia.

After 25 minutes of waiting, I was ready to hop out of the line and go watch the Cubs game with the drunk alumni that were back for Homecoming. Just when we were about to give up, the line started moving, and we got ourselves into the hollowed grounds of The Union.

The dance floor was packed to the back, so we bought a few bottles of champagne from the ice bucket by the bar and pushed into the crowd. DJ Paimon and Yodes put on an hour opener, and we somehow weaseled our way to the second row before Vic came out.

By the time he started, the crowd had spilled off the dance floor and into the front bar. To the sudden burst of the fog machine, Vic came out, and the drunk Hawkeyes took the party to the next level.

It was Union like you've never seen it before. The crowd quickly became a mosh pit of jumping and screaming, and the floor didn't stop shaking for over an hour. Mensa started passing around Backwoods, and I was lucky enough to grab one before it was destroyed by the hundreds of hands grabbing for it.

The show ended around 10:00 after Vic jumped into DJ mode and played his crazy playlist of Kanye and blink-182. The concert will be remembered, or not remembered, by Hawkeyes for years. Here's to you, Vic 🍻

University of Iowa