Meet the Iowa freshman whose fake ID tweet went viral

‘damn that was impressive but yeah this is fake’

If you've never been turned away at the door of a bar in college, you're either extremely lucky or actually of the legal drinking age. We have no problem risking a felony charge getting a fake ID solely so we can drink at bars on the weekend, so to go through all the trouble of ordering a fake just to get denied by a bouncer can be pretty infuriating.

Iowa freshman Brody Adreon was pretty familiar with this feeling of frustration this past weekend when a bouncer at Eden turned him away for having a fake Pennsylvania ID.

"I was on my way to Eden at 1 a.m. with three of my other friends," Brody told us, recalling the encounter. "We pull up to the entrance and I give the bouncer my ID. He looked at it for quite a bit and then asked me what the capital of Pennsylvania was."

"I said 'Harrisburg'—I don't even know how I knew it—and he was like 'Yeah that was impressive but this is still fake.'"

Not thinking much of the incident, Brody went home and tweeted about his encounter with the bouncer. To his surprise, his tweet went viral in a matter of hours, hitting 216K likes and 30K retweets.

To make things even more interesting, the same bouncer that rejected Brody's ID saw the tweet after it blew up and DM'd him about it!

"It was super funny that he messaged me but I was surprised he told me to get a better fake," Brody said. "I've only been denied one other time, at Fieldhouse, and that was because I messed up the zip code when the bouncer asked."

"My ID looks pretty legit, though. I usually get into bars no problem, but the bouncer might have asked this time because all four of my friends and I had Pennsylvania ID's."

Does this mean Brody's days of drinking underage are over? Hell no. Brody says this single incident wasn't enough to keep him out of the bars, but he appreciates all the Twitter fame he gained from it.

Stay thirsty, you underage Hawkeyes, as long as your fakes are legit.

University of Iowa