Barstool reviewed Casey’s breakfast pizza and the results are shocking


If you haven't heard or seen it by now, Barstool Sports came to Iowa City this past Penn State weekend to host their Barstool Tailgate Show. But before all the action went down on Melrose Ave., El Presidente, Dave Portnoy, headed over to Casey's General Store in Coralville to try the famous breakfast pizza.

Now if you're not familiar with how a Barstool Pizza Review works, here are the basics.

Cheese pizza only

Barstool usually rates a simple cheese pizza to keep the playing field even. Casey's breakfast pizza was the exception, obviously for a special occasion.

The first bite says it all

The verdict is made based off of one bite, the first bite, of pizza. This ensures that for pizza to truly be great, it needs to wow Barstool from the get go.

Pizza is rated on a scale of 1-10

And the result of Casey's breakfast pizza was… a 5.2.

According to President Portnoy, the pizza was "too bacony." Overall, Casey's breakfast pizza is supposedly "not very good" and "what [Portnoy] expected from gas station pizza."

Obviously this didn't go down easy for the people of Iowa. Portnoy posted a video on his twitter of the Tailgate Show crowd chanting Casey's Pizza before the beginning of the show.

We reached out to Kennedy Novy, a Barstool Iowa rep, on what she thought of Portnoy's review of the pizza.

"I kind of expected it. Dave has tried so much pizza in New York that I would be surprised if the rating was any higher than that for a gas station."

According to Kennedy, the rest of Barstool's visit went very well. "It was very cool to have them in Iowa City doing a show that most people only get to watch on their phones. People were spilling into the street and hanging Barstool flags on top of the parking garage across the street."

Even though Barstool and its president didn't appreciate the art that is Casey's breakfast pizza, we still got to show them how the Hawkeyes get down on a game day.

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