Protester in a space suit interrupts Senator’s speech at the IMU

He used a voice changer to sound like a robot

About halfway through US Senator Joni Ernst's speech at the Iowa Memorial Union, a protester, believed to be a student, crashed the event.

When the town hall meeting convened, the reception was already frosty. Protesters were the majority that filled the seats. The audience asked Senator Ernst's questions about heath care, DACA, and budget cuts in Iowa.

As tension in the room continued to build, protesters began to yell to have their voices heard when they did not agree with what Senator Ernst had to say. They shouted things like “you won’t be here in 2020” and “fix it."

More protesters even lined up outside of the IMU and Hubbard Park trying to get support from the University of Iowa student body.

Then, a protester in a silver space suit stormed into the room with a voice changer to make himself sound like a robot. He screamed about DACA, health care and Planned Parenthood.

Five University of Iowa Police officers escorted the space suit wielding protester out of the hall while the audience cheered him on.

After all questions were asked, the audience then began to argue with each other on their opposing views of today's political systems. As I left, I had to keep my head down just to make it out of there.

University of Iowa