Watching the Iowa-Iowa State game as told by The Office


For everyone across the state of Iowa, the University of Iowa/Iowa State rivalry game is the single biggest event of the fall. The two teams square off each year before conference football begins, and to the victor go the spoils: a win, the priceless face of opposing fans and bragging rights for a year.

Iowa traditionally DOMINATES this series (obviously). In the 65 games we've played, Iowa has won 43 times.

Last Saturday's close game ended with yet another W for the Hawks, but a fourth-quarter comeback and OT win certainly kept fans across the state on the edge of their seats. Enjoy this timeline of watching the 2017 CyHawk game as a Hawkeye fan, as told by The Office…

10:50am – 10 minutes to kickoff

At this point, you're either stumbling into Jack Trice or the viewing party in your friend's basement. You've probably had a few too many Busch Lights, but it's game time and there's no way you're missing kickoff.

Q1 – Iowa State takes 7-0 lead

After a week of national praise in Iowa's defense for holding best-in-country QB Josh Allen to 3 points, they allow poor-man's-Sunshine QB Jacob Park to score 7 on his second drive. NOT a good start.

Q1 – Iowa ties the score

Aaaand we're back to Iowa football as we know it. Iowa 7, ISU 7.

Halftime – Iowa leads 14-10

After last year's 42-3 slaughter in Kinnick, you probably figured Iowa would be up more than 4. You were wrong, but at least Iowa State isn't winning.

Q3 – Iowa 21-17 Iowa State

Thought an Iowa TD to start the second half was enough? Think again. Half-wavy-locks-half-mullet QB Jacob Park continues to tear up the Hawkeye secondary, and now the game is wide open.

Q3 – Iowa State takes a 3 point lead

As you sip on your warm beer completely silent in your friend's basement, you whisper to yourself, 'is this a nightmare?'

Q4 – Iowa State leads 31-21

Nope, this isn't a dream – it's real life, and ISU is up ten points with seven minutes left in the game. Iowa's offense is moving far too slow, and the realization that a loss is eminent starts to set in.

Q4 – Akrum Wadley scores to force OT

With only two minutes left in the game, a short pass over the middle was not the move you wanted to see from Stanley. Just as you were about to throw your beer at the TV, Wadley zooms through the ISU defense to force OT.

OT – FINAL Iowa 44-41 Iowa State


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