PSA: It’s Pancheros’ birthday party next week and they’re giving away CRAZY shit

25 years never tasted so good…

Pancheros turns 25 next Monday, and they’re giving out free queso with any entree to celebrate.

That’s right, the one ingredient that fuels the debate between Pancheros and Chipotle loses its $1 charge at every Panch location nationwide. That deal is just as sweet as it is savory.

Next Monday’s giveaway will be one of many candles on Pancheros’ 25th birthday cake. Leading up to the 14th, they’ve been giving away crazy prizes to winning burrito-eaters. From tortilla wallets, to taco floaties, to actual space on one of the planets in the newly discovered Trappist-1 star system, the gifts have been literally out of this world.

Iowa City residents have dined at Panch enough to keep the chain open for the past 25 years because of its dedication to the Iowa City area. Rodney Anderson opened Pancheros in the heart of IC back in 1992, and expanded from there.

“When I opened the first Pancheros right on the main corner in downtown Iowa City, I wanted to be a part of this community and give customers a high-quality Mexican option that didn’t exist previously,” Rodney notes.

There’s no better way to start up the new school year than free cheese. Whether you’re team-Pancheros or team-Chipotle, you’ll find me with team-free-queso next week.

University of Iowa