Every bar that should’ve made Cosmo’s ‘Best College Bars’ over Deadwood

Yes Deadwood was named Best College Bar in Iowa City and no it’s not a joke

Earlier this month, Cosmopolitan Magazine’s Snapchat Story premiered an article called “The 51 Best College Bars in America.”

According to this article, our resident bar, Deadwood Tavern, was named the best college bar in Iowa City. 

What may come as a shock to many–or not so many–most University of Iowa students have never set foot inside of Deadwood Tavern. That being said, here are all the bars that could have and should have been named Best College Bar in Iowa City instead of Deadwood.


With deals like Mug Club and $2 Liquor Pitchers on the weekends and 25 cent wings on Wednesdays, Brothers is definitely a candidate for the #1 spot.

Its relaxing atmosphere and great outdoor patio is the perfect place to hang out with your friends and even play some pool. If you’re not in the mood for a chill night, Brothers also has a DJ and dance floor for you to let loose.


As much as you probably hate to admit it, The U is a top spot in IC.

With $1 well drinks on Thursdays and DJ Paimon always playing the hottest mixes, The Union Bar is the place to go if you want to get drenched in sweat and dance your heart out.

Union has 2 dance floors and 4 bars spread out through the building, for all your dancing and drinking needs. You can’t go wrong with The U.

Sports Column

Two words. Jello. Shots.

Not only does SpoCo always have great drink deals, like 20 pitchers of Keystone for $30 on your birthday, but they sell Jello Shots for $2 for some sweet fun for you and your friends.

Spoco also plays the best music for singing along to at the top of your lungs.. You’re bound to leave this IC bar with some new karaoke partners.


If you’re in the mood for some 2000’s throwbacks, Fieldhouse is the place for you.

With their signature birthday liquor pitchers, you’ll always have a fun time at Fieldhouse on the dance floor singing and dancing along to All-Star by Smash Mouth.


With 2 floors and TV’s all around, you can always count on DC’s for the best atmosphere for cheering on your favorite athletes. Whether you’re watching the Cubs, the Hawkeyes or the Blackhawks, feel free to grab a beer stein and settle in with some popcorn to enjoy the game.


Aside from great food deals every week day, Airliner also has some fantastic drink deals,including $4 liquor pitchers and big beers on Thursdays and $2 U-Call-It’s on Fridays.

Don’t forget that you can always create your own hit music playlist by heading to the jukebox and playing your favorite songs.

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