Can we finally acknowledge UI Parking Services is ruining everyone’s lives

If UI Parking Services has ever screwed you with a parking ticket, you can relate

Having a car or moped as a college student is one of the best things ever. However, here at Iowa, it’s one of the worst things ever.

UI Parking Services seem to have made it their mission to drown students in parking tickets for the most irrelevant of reasons, when all we’re trying to do is make it to class on time. They always manage to catch you that one and only time you ever break the rules, just because you’re running late and desperately in need of a place to park to get to your exam.

It goes without saying that nearly every Iowa student in possession of a motorized vehicle has felt the heat of the Parking and Transportation Department, so we rounded up the best tweets about every reason parking at UI sucks.

But hey, at least it’s the only bad thing about going to Iowa.

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