BREAKING: Three injured in shooting on Iowa State campus but no alert was issued

Police fired shots at the suspect’s vehicle

Around 1:30AM this morning, three people were injured in a drive by shooting on Iowa State’s campus.

Ames Police Department responded to a call about a fight near a bar. Shortly after police arrived on the scene and broke up the fight, a red car stopped and fired multiple shots into the crowd. Two Ames Police officers still present from the fight observed the shooting and fired back into the vehicle.

It is believe that the suspects were involved with the earlier fight.

Three people were injured in the shooting. After being treated on the scene for gun shot wounds, two were transported to Mary Greeley Medical Center and the third to a Des Moines hospital. The injuries sustained by the three victims are believed to be non-life-threatening.

Police believe there is no ongoing threat to the Iowa State campus or community.

Ames Police Department’s Twitter account posted a new release at 7:23AM explaining that the incident is currently under investigation.

Iowa State students are concerned as to why the university did not send out an emergency alert to the community.

Feature image: Iowa State Daily

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