It’s official: UI guys are the least romantic humans literally ever

When he asks for a bite of your Mesa slice post bars and ends up eating the whole thing…

Hook up culture is a real, prominent part of college life. However, if you’re one of the rare few that enjoys meaningful conversation and a partner that actually wants to see your face again the night after a hook up, Iowa might not be the place for you to find love.

If you’ve ever had one of the following conversations or encounters, you can probably agree that University of Iowa guys are definitely not the Romeo’s of college romance.

He buys you a Marco’s grilled cheese and asks you to Venmo him back the next morning

He invites you to his frat formal


He asks you to come hang with him at FAC at Summit and then doesn’t go

He sends those sweet late night texts


He comes to your sorority’s date party and blacks out at the pregame

He asks to meet up at Union and ditches you in the crowd

He makes sure to define the relationship


He takes you on a date to Airliner for dollar slices and then makes you pay for your two slices yourself

He revisits your last sexual encounter


He treats you to a night out at the bars and gets kicked out of Brother’s for drunkenly mouthing off to a bouncer

He’ll never let distance come between you


He walks you to the Cambus stop at the end of the block so he doesn’t have to walk the five minutes to your dorm and back

He makes sure you’re physically active and healthy


He invites you to his tailgate on Melrose and then forgets you’re there

He hits you up after you post that fire selfie

He asks for a bite of your Mesa slice post bars and ends up eating the whole thing

He gives you a shirt from another sorority’s formal to sleep in for the night

He makes sure your current relationship is healthy

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