Mesa is hands-down the best late night drunk pizza in Iowa City

It’s the real reason we go out

After bar crawling around Iowa City with your friends, Mesa Pizza is the best place to be for your late night pizza needs. Here’s why:

The prime location

Nestled in the heart of downtown conveniently by all your favorite bars, Mesa is always there to cater to your late night munchie cravings. No need to walk a long distance or spend money on an Uber, unless you can’t stand, but in that case, it might be best to have your roommate grab you a slice.

The selection

Gazing upon a row of flavors of pizza by the slice hot out of the oven is your drunk fantasy… and Mesa makes it a reality with its delicious mac’n’cheese, barbecue chicken, taco, bacon cheeseburger and more types of unique one-of-a-kind flavors.

The vibe

Afties at Mesa? This place adds the perfect night cap if you leave the bar early, making it a welcoming gathering hot spot for students to regret opening a tab at Summit, but not regret buying three slices of pizza.

The lost and found 

Lose a friend in the crowd at any of the bars? Meet up at Mesa. Why? Because it is a safe and easy location that everyone, in a sober or drunk state, has memorized on how to get there.  When finding your friend, that calls for celebratory za, while trying to put the pieces together on when and how you lost each other.

The staff

Mesa employees are some of the nicest, non-judgmental and hard-working people out there. They have to deal with drunk college students almost every night who slur while ordering, debate for far to long about how many slices they want, and take forever to pay because they either lost their wallet at Union, or they just take too damn long.

The price 

The price for the size of the slice and the quality of it cannot be beat. Sure, $3.50 or $4 per slice can seem pricey for the Papa John or Pizza Hut fan crowd (ew), but while they are eating dry and questionable pizza, you are living in luxury.

The tourist attraction 

If you go to the University of Iowa, chances are you’re always getting texts from your high school squad to come visit Iowa City for a weekend. Of course, you always say yes because of your midwest hospitality, even if you have like three exams to study for that weekend. Since Mesa is an Iowa City staple, it defiantly the place to take visitors after a night at the bars. They’ll be sure to transfer.

The delivery 

Can’t make it to Mesa? Two words: Free. Delivery. That, my friends, is the pepperoni on top.

Mesa will always be in the hearts and stomachs of the Iowa Hawkeyes.

University of Iowa