The Tab Iowa has arrived

Hold onto your hats, Hawkeyes

This is your solution. Through the birth of social media and the progression of the internet, your Facebook feed has been cluttered with memes. The articles you read online are too catchy, and make you cringe more than laugh. Major media streams are becoming irrelevant, dull, and nearly frustrating to watch. As young, progressive people, you deserve more in the changing world of media.

Welcome to The Tab Iowa.


The Tab could be simply described as a news site, but that doesn’t serve it justice. The Tab is a conglomeration of articles directed specifically towards you. The people who write these articles are much like you. They attend Iowa, and span across a variety of majors.

This isn’t just about sex and drugs like the college experience that is culturally advertised. This isn’t about the horrific nightmare of finals week that you live every semester. This isn’t about college life in general. The Tab Iowa is a reflection of our reality, it provides content that addresses our lives at The University of Iowa.

tab iowa 2

The Tab started in the UK in 2009, and now Iowa has the privilege of being one of the first universities to join the revolution. Bound to success with it’s ‘by the student for the student’ attitude, we are very excited to post our first articles covering everything from the best places to have sex on campus to the renaming of the computer system ISIS.

If you want to know more about being a part of this, look no further than the our Facebook page.

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