Sorority sisters share how to win at recruitment

Attention PNMs, we wrote this for you

Indiana University's Interfraternity Council activities may have been suspended, but Panhellenic is moving forward with full steam ahead. With sorority recruitment just around the corner, the freak out stage is just about to begin. For some, it already has.

You've seen all of the recruitment promo videos, you've gotten your rho gams, and you've spent all of your time online shopping for outfits when you should be doing homework.

But have you thought about the rounds, how you'll act and what to bring in your bag?

Read the Tab's exclusive recruitment tips:

Recruitment 101

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Use your rho gam! They jumped through hoops and interviews to help you. If you feel lost and don't know who to confide in, turn to her. It's not awkward to dump your emotional baggage on them — they want it!

Take detailed notes after every round so you remember each chapter vividly. After 20+ rounds, I promise you your memory will fail you. Note every girl you talked to, who you talked about and what stood out to you.

Don't check Greek rank. Most of it is fake news.

Keep in mind that that the members are just as nervous as you are!

Get a good night's sleep, you'll need it.

Your bag essentials

Pack snacks or else you will literally faint.

Bring makeup to touch up with throughout the day — you'll definitely be nervous sweating.

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Chapstick is essential.

BRING WATER BOTTLES. You'll literally be talking all day.

Use breath mints in between rounds. Behind the scenes, we're chomping down on them so the PNMs don't think we have halitosis.

Gloves and scarves are a must! It gets colder each round, especially when you wait outside the house. Don't worry about looking stylish, we'd rather talk to someone who's warm and comfortable than toughing the cold for the sake of fashion.


Don't form your opinions on a chapter based on what your friends say, and don't let any chapter "dirty rush" you. The decision for where you end up (or don't end up) is ultimately yours. You might've had a conversation with a sister at a chapter that your friend didn't like, but everyone's recruitment is different. Base your opinions on where you felt most comfortable, not your peers.

Be enthusiastic for every round. If you lose the pep in your step, get a caffeine boost. There's nothing worse than talking to a PNM where it feels like pulling teeth. If you don't feel a connection with a sister you're talking to, fake it 'till you make it. NEVER pull out your phone during recruitment (yeah, we've seen this) or you'll most likely get black listed from recruitment — yeah, that's a thing too. If you're rude, the sisters will retaliate. No one wants a bitch in their house.

You most likely won't get a full list of chapters back for every round. This is normal and not the end of the world. Don’t compare your lists to your friends because at the end, you only need one chapter.

If you're an introvert like me, act like an extrovert. These girls you're talking to could potentially become your best friends, so talk to them like they are!

A lot of people will tell you to "trust the process." You'll also hear that sometimes PNMs just "fall through the cracks." It's a contradiction, but true. To avoid falling through the cracks, leave an impression. You want the sisters to remember you, but for a good reason. Pro tip: making them laugh.

Conversation topics

This isn't a job interview, so lay off the professionalism — you're talking to college kids, just like you!

If you find a topic that you're both passionate about, talk about it for the entire round. It's easy to chatter about something you love.

Don't ask about boys or what fraternities the sorority pairs with —because right now, they don't pair with any. Also, they know you like to drink and party —you're in college. No need to tell them about it.

Have a go to question or conversation if things start to get awkward. Like, what's your funniest Uber story?

Don't give one word answers, elaborate. And don't ramble about unimportant topics.

It's okay to lead the conversation if things get awkward or if you have something you really want to say.


Wear comfy boots for walking in between rounds and store your heels in a bag for invite and preference rounds.

Don't stress too much about over outfits for reach round. When I went through recruitment as a freshman I spent an absurd amount of my parent's money on a shirt I never even wore because I wanted to impress the sisters. Wear what you feel most comfortable in and not what you think the chapters want.

Wear heels you can actually walk in, 'cause you'll be climbing stairs all day long.

Good luck, and may the odds be ever in your favor!