Is IU’s Greek life the next to go?

LSU, FSU and UMich Greek life were suspended this year

Across the nation, Greek life has been under strict supervision following recent fraternity deaths, hazing and allegations of sexual misconduct.

Yesterday, IFC at the University of Michigan self imposed a ban on all Greek life social events, LSU cancelled their Greek life after the death of Maxwell Gruver of Phi Delta Theta in September, and FSU cancelled their Greek life after the death of Coffee last Friday.

Indiana University has one of the largest Greek life communities in the nation, and in the wake of recent events, students can't help but wonder — is IU next?

The Tab asked students what they think.

Katie Myers, a sophomore in Alpha Xi Delta isn't so sure. "I hope not!" she said. "Hopefully we can be more cautious and smart about how we do things so we don't ruin it for good here."

Spencer Refer, a senior in Pi Kappa Phi doesn't think it will happen. "What!" he said. "No way it happens here, the infastructure of campus relies on it for housing."

While Kelsey Praeger, a senior, says it might be in the cards. "I wouldn't be surprised especially after so many have been kicked off in the past few years," she said.

Here is the timeline of the deaths of fraternity brothers in 2017

February 4th

Tim Piazza of Beta Theta Pi at Penn State.

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September 14th

Maxwell Gruver of Phi Delta Theta at Louisiana State University.

November 3rd

Andrew Coffee of Pi Kappa Phi at Florida State.

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University presidents, deans, and IFC and Panhelhenic organizations are enforcing stricter social rules at their universities and chapters nationwide.

Here are the colleges, universities, and Greek life chapters that are on suspension or have probationary disciplines in place

Florida State

On Monday, President Thrasher announced that there is an "Indefinite interim suspension on all fraternities and sororities at FSU."

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University of Michigan

Yesterday the IFC board voted to suspend Greek life until further notice.

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Ball State

The 13 fraternities at BSU are sworn off alcohol until January.

Penn State

Delta Tau Delta is on interim suspension, Beta Theta Pi was kicked off, and the university has put strict social restrictions on all of Greek life.

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Sigma Phi Epsilon

On Wednesday Sig Ep nationals announced an alcohol and illegal substance free policy for all 215 chapters nationwide.

Indiana University

Alpha Tau Omega, Delta Delta Delta, Delta Tau Delta, Sigma Gamma Rho, and Sigma Nu have been kicked off IU's campus and 11 fraternities and sororities are on disciplinary probation.

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