Active shooter on Indiana University campus

Police are looking for a short, college-age black male with short hair

Last night, Indiana University students were informed of an active shooter on campus near the Henderson Parking Garage.

The IU Bloomington Update service sent out alerts at 1:37 am warning students of the shooter and urging them to seek shelter.

The shooting was connected to an off campus robbery. The suspects got away on foot.

Students were sent a description of the suspects and were told to remain indoors and dial 911 if they were in danger.

The imminent danger continued for about an hour before students were given the all clear. No one has been reported injured.

The final call came in at 2:59am informing students the shelter in place had been lifted. However, the suspects are still at large.

If you have any information please contact IUPD on (812) 855-4111.