Fraternity brother kicked out of SigEp for alleged sexual assault

An IU student reported the rape last week

Last Monday, a 20-year-old student reported a sexual assault that occurred at a party at the Sigma Phi Epsilon house.

In a statement, the fraternity's national organization announced the accused brother's "expulsion" from IU's chapter.

"Sigma Phi Epsilon was saddened to learn of an allegation of sexual assault involving a member of the Indiana University chapter.

In response, the chapter took action to contact the university and have been actively cooperating with law enforcement. The chapter’s standards board formally expelled the accused member and required him to move out of the chapter facility. The chapter will continue to cooperate with law enforcement while their investigation is ongoing.

SigEp believes strongly in the importance of consent and regularly provides training opportunities to our members on consent and healthy relationships. The safety of our members and guests is of critical importance and we support the Indiana Beta chapter’s swift action."

As per the victim's wishes, IUPD has closed the case and will not continue investigating it, according to the IDS.