IU vs. FIU cancelled because of Hurricane Irma

Don’t worry, breakfast club is still on

Here's the down low down on why the second home game of the season was cancelled:

IU officials are trying to reschedule the game against Florida International University for October 7th. That'd be great and all except that it falls on Fall Break, and a lot of students already have plans to be out of town that weekend.

IUFB is working on ticket refunds

The senior class is very upset about the ordeal, considering they only have a number of tailgates left before graduating and entering the adult world.

"I feel bad that this happened to Florida, but I only had 5 home games to look forward to and this is really ruining my senior year," senior Kayla Jones said.

Like Superman, Roys came rushing in to save the day. Don't worry Kayla, your senior year won't be ruined yet!

Roy's to the rescue, there's still breakfast club