A new dining hall is opening and I can’t stop thinking about spending all my I-BUCKS on Nick’s fries

Homemade ice cream and a bucket of fries all in one meal? Sign me up!

Forget Wright and Forrest's food court, IU's new Goodbody Hall will soon be home to Goodbody Eatery, which will include food from Nick's English Hut and more.

Not only will the new Nick's location serve items from its traditional menu, but will offer vegan and vegetarian options as well. Woot! Obviously, sink the biz is off the table.

Sitting in between Sycamore and Jordan Hall, Goodbody Eatery will establish itself as the only dining hall powerhouse in the area — perfect for biology students and residents living in Third Street Elite houses.

The dining hall will include…

Nick's English Hut

Open Monday – Thursday from 7:30am till 7 pm and closing early at 3pm on Fridays.

The Chocolate Moose

Open Monday – Thursday from noon till 7pm, and closing early at 3pm on Fridays.

The Traveler

Open Monday – Thursday from 11am till 7pm, and closing early at 3pm on Fridays.

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

Open Monday – Thursday from 7:30 am till 10 pm. Weekends open from 9am-6pm

The Eateries to Go

Open Monday – Friday from 10 am till 3 pm.

The dining hall will be open for business on October 2.