These guys want everyone to know that they definitely won’t abuse their girlfriends

No matter how badly OSU beats us in football

Thursday's forecast predicts empty classrooms and drunk college students with a chance of vomit on Indiana University's campus — yup, it's game day. At 8 pm on August 31, IU will kick off the football szn with tons of Karkov handles to lessen the blow when Ohio State University kicks our losing asses.

At least, that's what this off campus house thinks:

In light of recent events —er, tweets— promoting sexism and underage girls, this sign is slightly refreshing, I think? I would hope that the Shakespeares over here wouldn't beat their girlfriends, but its reassuring to know that even in the event that IU beats OSU in the highly anticipated game, no sexual violence will occur.

This sign may come as a shock to freshman hoosiers, but they better get used to it. IU is dreadful at football, but we'd beat OSU at beer pong. Doesn't matter whether we win or lose the game, 'cause we'll never lose a tailgate.