The most insane things that happened at Lollapalooza this year

‘I licked molly off of my cousin’s hand’

Lollapalooza happens every year in 6 cities worldwide: Berlin, Buenos Aires, Chicago, Paris, São Paulo, and Santiago. It's a three to four day music festival, so things are bound to get crazy.

Here are the craziest things festival goers witnessed or did themselves this year at Lolla in Chicago:

Jenna VanZoeren

On Friday a girl was walking down the street wearing white booty shorts and she clearly shit herself.

My cousin and I started clapping for a girl who puked in the trash can and we got everyone around us to join in. Then she threw up again so I gave her my hair tie.


My cousins and I sat in a circle and did molly together. I literally licked molly off of my cousin's hand.

JR Kinney

My cousin called me driving from Columbus about an hour and a half before Big Sean started and asked to send him a picture from my location in the crowd. I thought there'd be no way he'd be able to find me in the sea of people but about ten minutes before Big Sean came on I felt a tap on my shoulder and he said, "I could spot your ginger head from a mile away."

Haley Vick

Some random girl dumped a bottle of water on my head and picked me up after I passed out from dehydration.

Alyssa Unger

People brought weed in their socks and had umbrella flasks.

Rachel Cubbage

I wore my elementary school sweatshirt one day when it was chilly. What, that's not a trendy festival outfit?


Four of us sold our wristbands to underage kids for $10 and didn't have to pay for a drink all day. We made $70 each.

Lauren Lejman

My friend from work said his friend saw someone stealing a phone from one of their other friends so she sprinted after him and he literally had 60 phones in his backpack. She's the one who reported him to the cops.