My stranger roomie became my best friend

Timing is everything — Hannah just so happened to come at the perfect time


Entering into a new environment, surrounded by new people and living with someone you may or may not know sound like the most challenging tasks for an 18 year old. Freshman year is a time of change for everyone, and having someone there by your side throughout it all can truly make things easier.

This type of relationship is something I was lucky enough to experience. Finding Hannah throughout the scheme of life is something I will be forever grateful for. My senior year spring break in Cancun, Mexico led me to my ultimate soulmate, Hannah.

We were both roommate-less at the time, allowing fate to take hold of our future together as roommates at Indiana University. The second I met Hannah, I had a feeling that she would be my best friend. And guess what happened?


Hannah and I could not have come together at a more perfect time for both of us. Hannah, recently single after 3 years, and me, struggling to branch out from my high school friends. We did everything together..I mean everything. We would wake up together, eat together, go to class together, hang out after class, and end the night watching “The Wolf of Wall Street” chowing on whatever was in our room at the time. It was Hannah and Katie time all of the time, something that is very rare within college roommates.

As second semester rolled around, rush came to. After such an amazing semester with my best friend, our lifestyles were about to change, perhaps for the better. Hannah rushed a sorority and loved every second of it, but this also meant this little everyday Hannah-Katie time may be a little different. Hannah met a lot of girls through her sorority while I was over here trying to find other girls who didn’t go through recruitment to befriend.

The store was hogged by groups of sorority girls and it was difficult for me to find somewhere to fit in. Hannah did her best to include me with her friends and her plans, but it just wasn’t the same. I felt like not being in a house was the ultimate way to be left out, watching girls walk around in their letters together and gossiping about things I didn’t even know were happening.

Hannah, who is still my best friend today, did everything for me that semester. We still hung out as much as we possibly good and she would console me if I were ever upset. I just thank God for Hannah. Without her, I probably would have been extremely unhappy all semester, but it ended up being some of the best months of my life. Greek life is awesome, but it isn’t everything.

Not being involved in greek life forced me to go outside of my comfort zone and meet people on my own, which I personally LOVED doing. Some of my closest friends today I met outside of greek life. I grew as a person throughout that year, time I needed for myself. Now as a sophomore living with three amazing girls, I decided to go through recruitment, happier than ever. Everything happens for a reason, and I am a firm believer in this. One’s outlook on the crazy tricks life plays on us is so key to being happy. Finding the bright side to everything is not impossible, though some situations may be more difficult than others.

We are two of the most dysfunctional human beings, yet we balance each other out so well. Life throws these crazy opportunities at you, and it’s up to you to take advantage of those opportunities. You never know who will serve such an importance in your life, so keep your eye open for that big hearted, table dancing, awesome and beautiful wild child because maybe she’ll end up being your better half.


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