UIUC bathrooms are a saving grace during our most stressful times

‘I cry because of finals’

Life in college can get pretty stressful, especially at the end of a semester. So much so that sometimes, taking a quick bathroom trip in between classes is the only downtime you have in the day.

A surprising amount of people go to the bathroom with markers and they have decided to unleash their thoughts on the stall doors. These quirky doodles, simple sayings, and witty one liners can help you make it through the day and make your small amount of alone time a little more enjoyable.

If you’re having a rough day try spending sometime in Altgeld, the English building, or Noyes bathrooms. They just might be the pick-me up you need to get you through your all day studying bender.

Some people write to lighten the mood


Others try to be motivational



Or they use their downtime to share their art


Sometimes things get political


But mostly people stay positive


They can also get pretty weird


Some even make you think a little



People share some tips


They also vent about their school lives


Or just take a minute to say hey to who ever is in line next


The UIUC bathrooms are a great place to vent through mild forms of vandalism, or just sit back and read what your fellow friends have written. You might even get some much needed feedback. These bathrooms aren’t as magical as the ones we’ve seen in the Harry Potter movies, but they can help de-stress and calm you down even during your busiest week— and that is some wizard type magic itself.


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