Everything you know if you worked in retail over Thanksgiving break

‘No, your coupon from 2013 is not valid’

Black Friday mixed with retail can be the worst experience ever, not to mention if you haven’t worked since the summer you’ll be completely lost. Customers are extra rude and aggressive from hours of shopping so if working retail this horrendous week is something you know, you know all these stages of working it too.

At first you were really excited about working again

Getting to see all your coworkers that you haven’t seen in a while may be one of the main things you’re excited for. It can feel great to be in a familiar place…until you completely blank on how to use a cash register and there’s 10 people in line.

You forgot how much it sucks to be on your feet for multiple hours 

If you work at a store where you have to dress up, you may have accidentally worn uncomfortable shoes and wanted to rip your feet off by the end of your shift. Pretending you have to use the bathroom is pretty much the only escape from the sales floor.

All of your friends from home are busy anyway so you have nothing better to do

As the years after high school rack up, you may find yourself speaking to less and less friends from high school. One too many cancelled plans makes work seem like something fun to do.

You set about 9376830 alarms the night before

How else does anyone expect you to start before the sunrise?

Thanksgiving through Black Friday feels like some kind of hellish marathon

Working at 4.30am when you normally work at 9am makes you feel like some kind of weird nocturnal retail zombie. Clocking out at noon feels more like clocking out at midnight.

The worst part far is every shopper becomes 70% more evil than before. The customer is always right, but that doesn’t mean the customer is always reasonable. No, I cant use your coupon from 3 years ago and no I can’t return the pants that you got eye shadow all over.


On your last day, your boss already asked when you were coming back

With 6 essays and 5 finals, coming back to work was probably the last thing on your mind.

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