In memory of Richard Turner, our beloved campus icon

We will miss you, Black Santa

Sadly, we will no longer see the face we have all become so familiar with around campus. Heavy hearts filled Illinois today after Illinois students discovered the death of a much loved member of the community.

Richard Turner, also known to Illinois students as Black Santa, and a face that always made us smile, passed away this morning just before 10am.

Champaign Police responded to a call before that, to reports of an individual drinking alcohol and running in and out of traffic. Sadly, he became unresponsive upon their arrival and Turner was taken to hospital.

Since, campus has been shaken and a memorial service is being planned on Green Street, known as his favorite place. Students are urging others to bring flowers and any pictures you may to lay between McDonald’s and Subway.

A number of students have also left messages in his memory:




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