We spoke to people at an Anti-Trump protest in Berlin

‘Move your ass, and do something for the people’

People from all corners of the world living in Germany came out to publicly show their disgust for the new United States president-elect, Donald Trump, during the early evening of Saturday, November 12th.

In central Berlin, the historic Brandenburg Gate was transformed into a marching ground for protestors with signs reading everything from “Black Lives Matter” to “We Shall Overcomb” (a jab at Trump’s infamous hairstyle).

When asked “Why are you here?” people had to say the following:

Laslo, 20, Massachusetts


“Donald Trump is racist, sexist, and just a fascist basically, and I obviously oppose all of his policies. I don’t think he is fit to be president.”

Lorianna, Germany


“I don’t have this compulsion to rage against the machine. I see fundamentally what it all boils down to. As my sign says, love is the wanting force. Anger is an important tool, but I am here to hold space for the idea of love.”

Jorge, 22, Columbia (left), Estaban, 22, Mexico (right)


“I want to show the world that we can make a change. Someone is playing with us, and we don’t like to be played with. We are not toys.”

“It just makes me sad that this is our reality, it is more so a bad dream. This is not how our modern civilization should be.”

Jill, 25, Germany (right)


“I am here with my friend Sarah to represent those in America who often feel like they are not heard, in a country that often doesn’t value their identities and their agencies.”

Moritz, 17, Germany


“Donald Trump doesn’t just represent the movement in the United States, but also the one happening in Germany. He is playing on the fears of middle class working people, which is exactly what the AFD [,a right-wing populist party] is doing in Germany right now. The reason why people voted for Trump is that not all of them are sexist, not all of them are racist, but they just feel left behind by the politicians that are meant to represent them. So being here in Germany is kind of a sign here for the politicians to move your ass, and do something for the people.”

Julia, 20, California


“I am here to advocate for the rights of women, the queer community, people of color, immigrants, Muslims, and everyone else that is affected by Trump’s platform, and those that are currently living in fear for not only their human rights, but their very lives.”

Andy, Indonesia (left), May, Tokyo (right)


“We are tourists just visiting, but we don’t like racism.”

“We support gays and lesbians, and we just found this sign on the ground and agree with it.”

Paris, 21, Oregon


“My pussy grabs back.”

University of Illinois