Everything that will get you kicked out of The Red Lion

We’ve all seen people worthy of getting shown the door

The various people you encounter while entering Lion on a typical night will range from the high energy level of a senior who’s been here more times than to class, to the the overwhelmed freshman against the wall.

Whatever kind of inner personality you release during a night out at Lion, be sure to avoid these specific behaviors that will guarantee to cut your turning up short.

Being an ass to the bartender

Being a bartender has to be such a fun yet overwhelming experience. I’m sure they can agree on one thing, and that’s the ultimate understanding that the respectfully waiting customers will get served first. Don’t be the one waving your card in their face or throwing a wad of cash their direction as they carry four tequila sunrises to the other side of the bar. Odds are they see you and odds are they are ignoring you, and I don’t blame them. Add a little name calling to this behavior and you will gladly be served from outside the bar.

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GettingĀ sick (and making a huge mess)

Those quality nights when you consume one to many drinks and end up getting a little queasy may not be beneficial to you. Of course you can handle this situation in a calm and collected manner, but that isn’t always the case. If you happen to be the one that isn’t so lucky to make it to the toilet, and I doubt you’ll be able to make it through that long line, you may be asked to leave and take care of yourself somewhere else. Honestly, leaving the overwhelming and chaotic monstrosity that is The Red Lion may be exactly what you need at this point.

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Drunken arguments

Mixing a few drinks and some angry feelings never really ends well. If for some reason you end up being the one in the bar getting into an argument with someone you aren’t so friendly with, you can guarantee that the disagreement will be taken outside. It may be time to hash it out, but not in the middle of the bar among the free loving drunken crowd. Even then, how can you hear each other over the loud music that floods the bar at night? Regardless, everyone’s having a good time, lets keep it that way.

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Climbing or jumping the fence in the beer garden

For whatever reason you find yourself wanting to jump the fence of the bar or think that climbing it would be fun, I highly suggest not. I only imagine that the idea to climb the fence would come to someone after a couple of drinks and a next level confidence boost. For your safety and the safety of others, you can find the security guard helping you down and showing you the actual way to leave the bar, which is the same way you came in.

Whatever becomes of a crazy night at The Red Lion, make sure that when it’s time to clear out at two in the morning, you’re leaving with the rest of the crowd out the front door. Until tomorrow night, Red Lion.

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