Illinois decides: What UIUC figure would you vote to be President?

If Trump and Clinton weren’t the only options

This election season has been one for the books. The American people seem to be unhappy with their current candidate choices, and many have threatened to move to Canada and other countries just to escape them. Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have battled it out, but what if we added some UIUC faves into the mix?

If the election were held at UIUC, there would be some new candidates in the running. Probably more popular than both Trump and Clinton are with the nation right now. In an Illinois world, who would you choose?



Alma commands the respect and power that every president needs to be successful. The time has come for a woman president and who’s a better option than the woman who oversees all of U of I. The welcoming arms of Alma are what any American needs.

Scott Cochrane, owner of Firehaus, Clys, and Red Lion

Cochrane has the amazing ability to control three popular bars on campus. If he can handle drunk UIUC students (of age and under-aged), he can handle any issue that’s thrown his way. Hey maybe he’d even lower the drinking age.


Candy, owns Candy Cab

Candy is the entrepreneur who brought the colorful Candy Cab to UIUC. Her genius idea has helped many intoxicated residents and even their families make it home safely. She is the hero the drunk students of Champaign need and can be the leader the US deserves.

Lovie Smith

He’s already demonstrated he can be the fearless leader that the Fighting Illini need. The obvious next step is leader of the United States (or maybe leader of a new football team, so that we stop losing?)

A Joe’s Brewery Burger

Joe’s burgers have the ability to appeal to the masses and take on any flavor. The Joe’s Burger can accept the diversity of our nation and -actually- make it great again.

blue guy

Blue Guy (drink)

The most reliable celebrity on campus. You definitely don’t need to question what a Blue Guy is going to get you during a night out.  We need a president the nation can depend on and a good ole’ Blue Guy is just the man for the job.

Cracked truck employee

Who can forget the face that rescues you in your 1 am hour of need? Cracked is there to provide breakfast goodness at any time of the day. They can definitely pick America up when we’re down or just really want weird food combinations.

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